Masterclass με τη Heidi Kay Begay

Dr. Heidi Kay Begay / Flutist

Dr. Heidi Kay Begay holds a Doctorate of Music degree from Texas Tech University, a Master of Music Degree from Northwestern State University of Louisiana and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music from the University of Arizona.

She has performed and taught at various states in the US (Florida, Texas, Illinois, Washington D.C., New Mexico etc.), as well as in Greece and Italy.  Her scheduled performances during the 2020 year will take place in Finland, Greece, Rumania, Bulgaria and Germany.

Heidi is currently on the Archives and Oral History Committee through the National Flute Association (NFA) and has held the positions of president and festival co-chair through the Texas Flute Society (TFS). Her research publications are featured in Flute View and Flute Talk magazines and she has been an adjudicator for the National Flute Association (NFA) and the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA).

Dr. Begay is the host of the Flute 360 podcast, which delivers free, educational episodes weekly through various podcast platforms (i.e., iTunes,, RadioPublic, Podbean, Spotify, Stitcher Radio, YouTube, and her website). Through her podcast, Heidi recently collaborated with Wm.S. Haynes Flute Company at the 2019 NFA’s Flute Convention that took place in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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